Our 2019 Grant Cycle is NOW OPEN!

The Sertoma Club of Nashville was established in 1946 as a community service organization with charitable and civic purposes. Sertoma Club of Nashville prefers to make grants that will have a significant and lasting impact on a group as well as its community. The Club holds specific charitable interest in Middle Tennessee non-profit organizations with programs targeting Hearing & Communicative Disorders, however, our Board of Directors has the ultimate discretion and may give final approval for any grants that may be funded outside these guidelines.

All applying organizations must have a full and updated GivingMatters.com profile and current Charitable Solicitations Permit to be considered for funding.

      Grant Deadline


               May 31st, 2019

     **NEW THIS YEAR**

    Once completed, please email 
     final proposal and attachments
   to: [email protected]
[email protected]  

             No hard-copies, please.


    Award Notification


          Early-August 2019

Who May Apply?
  • Middle Tennessee non-profit organizations that have a sole mission surrounding the deaf, hard of hearing,  and/or those who have a communication disorder; OR,
  • Non-profit organizations that have specific programs within their organizations that serve individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, and/or those who have a communication disorder
  • Organizations that have obtained their 501(c)3 status and have been operating for at least one full year prior to request

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Exclusions: Please read this section carefully before

beginning a grant proposal

The Sertoma Club does NOT fund grants for the following:

  • organizations located outside the 40 Middle Tennessee counties;
  • attendance at conferences or conventions;
  • investments, endowments, or additions to any reserve funds of the requesting entity;
  • debt retirement;
  • legislative lobbying or other political purposes;
  • purchase of goods, equipment or other items to be used for non-charitable purposes or for the personal benefit of staff or individuals associated with the requesting party
  • any gambling or raffle-related activity;
  • multi-year grants;
  • advertising or sponsorship of events

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Need Help?

Contact Juli Liske at [email protected] for any grant-related questions or assistance.

GivingMatters Requirements

In addition to the grant narrative proposal and attachments, the following CURRENT documents must be uploaded to GivingMatters.com (no need to attach these to your proposal this year)

  • Board of Directors roster with name and company affiliation
  • Current Charitable Solicitations permit
  • Most recent financial audit. If most current year-end financial statements have not yet been audited, include most current, unaudited year-end.
  • IRS Determination Letter

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How to Apply

Applying for a grant from Sertoma Club is a fairly straightforward process. Simply copy/paste the proposal questions/prompts listed here on the right to your organization’s letterhead and provide complete answers to each:

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Proposal Questions/Prompts

  • Who is the recipient organization?
  • Has your organization received funding from Sertoma Club of Nashville in the past?
  • How will the funds be used?
  • What is the intended outcome or benefit?
  • Explain how your organization is implementing this program
  • Describe how you will measure the success of this program
  • Describe specific and measurable short-term outcomes
  • What is the long-term impact of this program on the community?
  • How many people will be served/impacted by this program during the funding period?
  • How will you fund the program after the grant ends?
  • When are the funds needed?
  • Amount requested?
  • How will the Sertoma Club of Nashville be recognized?
  • Our Club also loves hands-on opportunities to support those we fund. Please list a minimum of two examples of ways our Club members can roll up their sleeves and help.
  • Please provide requesting organization contact information (address, email, and phone)

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Required Additional Attachments
  • Itemized budget for the request
  • Current Organizational Budget
  • Any internal control related matters identified in the financial audit. (Note: This is a separate letter to the Board of Directors not included in your audit report)

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